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Hi I’m Che, trying to do Life which is something better! … many days..still trying to make everythings right and to have this kind…. I’m happy because I found  wordpress …. to start a blog..but sad to say my dear reader that this is only a pharagraph  because until now just trying to end up here! Hahaha 😀😁😂 without finishing the story Lol … 😦 .But I really like this moment when i write this😀😁😂[happy and enjoy]. I would like to say thanks to all my visitors and followers… and to all veiwers, have a happy day everyone. 🙂

MANSAKA TRIBE… one of the beautiful indigenous people in COMPOSTELA VALLEY KNOWN AS (Davao del Norte) Located in the Philippines.





~ SOURCE ~ Jacob Maentz




I miss this people …. I’m proud to say that I belong to this tribe, (Mansaka), for me they are the beautiful people in the  world.



~ photo credit ~ Mansaka Tribe


~ photo edited by ~  Che


Let’s eat beautiful people


This my favorite food! We like to eat veggies fresh from farm! We like to eat meat and fish also. Most indigeneous people came from Comval , Philippines are lived their life at the age of 100 years up.

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