Facebook Privacy Basics



Hey everyone! I hope those who can read this…
Must have a courage to look at  the Facebook Privacy … wisely in order to see things which
is important, Facebook Privacy…..for all of us!
Of course our facebook status….the most concerned




Is about the ‘privacy’… as I know, Facebook is one of the largest or biggest social media throughout the whole world….before, when I started first to facebook, I didn’t  know about ptivacy settings,  everytime I post my status update everybody knows it … haha lol  😀
My question in my my mind , ” WHY”they knows ?…. I’ ve never told them…about my story…
And besides, some of them are not my friends!…so I try to learn myself about my account on facebook…one thing I remember…. the Settings of my Facebook account on how you connect it…I click the privacy settings…yes I go through it to moderate my settings on facebook…the public settings is change to only to friends settings and I limit my old post….even my profile pic and cover photo is always public, all the time we can change it to either friends or in public settings …..always checking on the activity log….will give the best result….. 🙂






All  we all know we  are the moderator and controller to our Facebook account…..
I hope to those who can read this, they can find a way to visit their facebook settings….

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